UNIQUECONS is formed to empower students towards the right career path for a bright future as we understand the necessity and importance of career guidance today more than ever. 

UNIQUECONS assures us to guide you throughout your career discovery journey. Our career counseling helps individuals with the unerring knowledge about careers that orient with an individual’s interests, objectives, and competencies.

The career guidance process implicates school/college students and professionals to explore numerous career options, understanding the opportunities of career selection and earning flair.
It includes a career assessment test that allows evaluating an individuals’ diversions, abilities, personality characteristics, and capabilities.
Through our career counseling, an individual can make victorious progress from school to higher education and to the professional firm.

UNIQUECONS promises to resolve your career-related confusion by providing you with a successful career plan. An effective career plan is important to achieve a career goal. We make it easy to get you the best career plan to achieve your dream career as your career decision builds your recognition in the future.

Our career counseling assists in making careers by taking up the right career. We help in making you a distinctive personality and more organized by fetching the right skills.
With our expanded methods reaching to a wider audience we aim to help you attain focus which will mirror in your tasks and deeds and also you can improve country’s well being and future too.



Our vision is to provide students necessary knowledge and information about career planning, guidance to achieve their dreams/goals, and exceptional service on career selection with an intention to make a difference in a student’s life. Furthermore, extensively help students form a boundless career.


We also aim to empower women and induce employment for them for their improved well-being. We also believe in the importance of saving the planet by doing our bit to it. 

We understand the significance of trees and purely support planting a tree today for a better, greener, and cleaner planet tomorrow. 

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